Apr 10

On the basis of these principles, situations in which a person who has received the information directly from the expert without obtaining a contractual relationship with him or her are based on the opinion. If a person who has not had direct contact with the information provider, z.B. is advised by a person who received it from the supplier, who needs incorrect advice from the supplier, it is not enough to create a fiction in accordance with the contract. This occurs, for example, when a person seeking a loan from a real estate appraiser bank account uses the property as collateral for their credit application. In this case, the bank has no contractual relationship with the immobilienwerter. A right to redress may arise from the negligence or unlawful conduct of the compensated party. Under Swiss Bond Law 31 (OR), the Law on Offences was governed by the principle of a so-called general clause. It would therefore be possible, in principle, to repair the purely economic damage caused by negligence. However, Switzerland has adopted the infringement structure of German law that, in the event of the addition of negligent damages, liability for damages is an unlawful violation of a right. Therefore, in the absence of a special standard of protection, the section 41, paragraph 2 damages compensation obligation is intentionally required. This provision tends to be interpreted in a restrictive manner and limits its scope to most cases of violation of the prohibition of abuse of law. For example, it is rare that an insurer has been compensated for unqualified consecutive damages or that no event has been done to limit it.

“[company/company/individual name] – and its directors, executives, employees, representatives, shareholders and associated companies before and against all claims, claims, actions, damages, losses, losses, judgments, costs and expenses (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees and expenses), whether it is a right to a third party or a deed or omission of a business [business/business/business].” According to the 1985 Virginia Supreme Court case, Chaves v. Johnson, “someone who deliberately and inappropriately intervenes in the execution of a contract… between another person and a third party, by inciting the third party not to execute the contract or by requiring them not to perform it, the other is liable for the financial damage resulting from the third party`s inability to execute the contract.┬áThe indication of a particular confidence resulting from the expert`s professional activity in THE OA 1048 leads to the conclusion that the information must be made in the context of a professional activity that is to end, which is in part the advice to individuals on property matters. Experts of this importance may therefore include accountants, lawyers and other lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, architects, real estate appraisers, sworn translators, bankruptcy administrators, bailiffs, investment advisors and other specialists who advise individuals on property matters. Similarly, in Swiss practice, the condition of responsibility is also a particular confidence of the expert. 48 car rental companies often have drivers sign a compensation contract before driving the car off the property. This must be protected from complaints if the driver ends up in an accident with the rental car.

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