Apr 11

“We only have a deal to withdraw from the VA because Eurosceptic conservatives like me voted to help the nation out of a crippling political crisis,” Jenkin wrote. “The Prime Minister had softened Mrs. May`s agreement. From the outset, the fact that lawyers developed the withdrawal agreement (under EU law) and that it was purely legal was problematic. Jurists are disgusted by MPs who should think only politically. For example, in the recent VAT on derivatives, the United Kingdom was found guilty in the Court of Justice of failing to inform the Commission of a zero rating for certain derivatives markets. When the Commission commenced proceedings (under Theresa May`s government), it clarified that the aim of the case was to force the UK to levy VAT on these huge financial markets and to get us as much money as possible through a fine. But now she has to think before she starts another infringement proceeding, even though she has won the case. Now that we have left the EU, it obviously cannot force us to introduce VAT. But he could try to start a business to claim money as a VAT resource…

Goes back to 1973. Not only would it not be able to prove that the European Council would not have authorised the exception, but it would also amount to a declaration of war. And since it is very unlikely that we will agree with the EU on the most fundamental (and one doubts) trade agreement for goods, which, because of its huge trade surplus with us, would be largely in favour of the EU, why should we ever cooperate with Brussels in such a case? Such a procedure would therefore jeopardise not only the benefits obtained by Brussels in the withdrawal agreement, but also their duty-free trade surplus under a trade agreement. “It is absolutely astonishing that any government that says it wants to conclude trade deals around the world would simply tear up an agreement they reached with the European Union a few months ago,” said Eastwood Westminster Time on BBC Radio 4. Jenkin wrote in Diplomat magazine that the group of MPs who destroyed Theresa May`s deal only voted for Johnson because they were assured that the government would abandon the deal if no trade deal was reached with the European Union.

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