Apr 12

that the following rules regarding roommates are respected: A. Each roommate mentioned in the lease acknowledges that he is jointly responsible for the performance of the entire contract, that he continues to physically occupy the premises. B. Each roommate mentioned in the rental agreement is bound for the duration of the lease. The people who originally signed the contract are responsible for all unpaid rents and damages caused by the duration of the lease. In the event that one roommate is empty and replaced by another, the new roommate will have to complete a rental application, obtain permission from Hardee Property Management LLC and sign a new lease to exempt the outgoing roommate from any other contractual obligation. If no approved applicant is found, the original tenants remain in the tenancy agreement for the entire contract. one. No deposit will be refunded to the roommates until Hardee Property Management LLC is in full possession of the property and all the roommates have been evacuated when the rent expires. No refund or rental is made to a roommate who leaves if other roommates are still in possession of the property. Such amounts, which he believes are due to him, must be drawn up between the roommates themselves.

B. No one other than the lease agreement is authorized to purchase at any time for any reason, unless (1) the authorization is issued in writing by Harde Property Management LLC and (2) an application is filed and approved by Hardee Property Management LLC for the new occupant. C. Lease Re-Write Fee is levied up to $75, payable by tenants for each new lease required by a room change. Option 2: Download the Word document here, fill it out and send it as an appendix to dhardee@fiberpipe.net.

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